Thurst to Knowledge is Important

Knowledge does not imbibe in a person directly it has to be mastered.Saral Vaastu Gives a basic understanding of how a person should sit during his studies at his home.

Saral Vaastu Based on Science

Once a Person is born he is in rat race and struggles for his sustenance at Society. It’s not a smooth journey and will face lot of problems in life if he is not educated properly. Vaastu shastra tells about the direction in which a person should sit and many saints have practiced that which has fetched a very good results. There are many own examples of our clients who were facing such problems and now they are Entrepreneurs in todays life.

Parents always think about their children education.  Children also think about their brighter future. We spend more money and efforts for children education.  But  dificult to have good education

The reason behind this…

a)     Many children do hard study, but fail to recall it in time.

b)    Lack of concentration.

c)    Weak Mind power.

Parents blame their children in case they are not getting good grade. But  never thought of root cause.  There might be vastu flaws in study room ??? says Dr. Shri Chandrashekar Guruji .

Know  best direction for study









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