The science of Saral Vaastu is derived thru divine knowledge revealed to Dr. Sri Chandrashekhar Guruji.  Blessed by this illumination, he undertook an intense tenure of studies into ancient Indian culture and traditions.  He reinvented the ancient science of Vastu Shastra by its fusion with modern civil engineering techniques.  It is his tireless efforts to help millions of people that gave birth to Saral Vaastu: the fine art and science of happy living.

The C. G. Parivar is a service organisation that is committed to being available to people at the point of their need.  It is open through 365 days of the year.    Two proverbs find great resonance within the organisation.  They are:

(1) There is no substitute for hard work.

(2) Honesty is always the best policy.

Hence, hard work and honesty are the watchwords that have become ingrained within the organisation over the years.  It has adopted the top down non-hierarchical leadership model as its preferred benchmark for effective and efficient administration and management.  This has translated into operational effectiveness wherein Guruji and his team of trained experts have till date resolved serious Vaastu doshas in millions of houses, offices, industries, business establishments and multi-national corporations (MNCs).

The viewers of programmes broadcast on TV and enquirers on the official website promptly receive replies and solutions.  Non-resident Indians (NRIs) avail the facility of online Saral Vaastu consultations thru video conferencing.  In this way, Guruji has extended his help to millions of people in living a happy and fulfilled life.  C. G. Parivar has expanded its network of centres so that they are easily accessible and able to satisfy the maximum number of people.  The branches of C. G. Parivar are located at Bangalore, Mysore Hubli, Shimoga, Bijapur, Pune, Kholapur, Nagpur, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh.  The international office is located in Bangkok, Thailand.