The unique scientific concept of Saralvaastu is receiving a phenomenal response across India and also overseas.  The C. G. PARIVAR planning department is ready to assist you to plan your corporate offices, bungalows, villas, hotels, resorts, malls, shops, industries, educational institutions, marriage halls, clinics, hospitals, parks, playgrounds, gardens and warehouses.

Dr. Shri Chandrashekhar Guruji, B. E. (Civil), PhD., undertook a tenure of focused research into Earth luck  Vaastu.  This led him to question why the same house which provides abundance, well being and spiritual bliss to the father leads to the ruin of the son.  Nobody can answer this riddle of nature as it can only be divinely revealed.  When he received the enlightenment through the medium of dreams, Guruji confirmed the revelation through his painstaking studies. In this way he was convinced about the need for constructing Saralvaastu compliant houses.

The unique science of Saralvaastu holds that every person on earth has four  favorable and four unfavorable directions that influence his life.  This directional gird is to be set according to his/ her date of birth. These eight directions play a vital role in ensuring success or causing distress. The fine secret of Saralvaastu is that the main door of the house or premises must be placed with precision in the first favorable direction of the bread earner, owner(s) or partner(s).  A front door placed with proper understanding is as important to a house as the mouth is to a human body.  It is a point of entry for Prana or life-force. When the plan factors in these fundamental aspects in the form of a Saralvaastu compliant design, it is sure to fetch handsome returns in the form of health, wealth and prosperity to the inmates.

The layout of the bedrooms, drawing room, kitchen and toilets are done by factoring in the dates of birth of the family members.  This is to embed earth luck (Vaastu) into the four enclosing walls of the house by positively charging it for three generations of the family.  Guruji wishes to extend his hearty assurance that when you establish your home by energizing it according to the principles of Saralvaastu, you will be able to complete the construction in eight to ten months.  The good fortune will favour you wherein someone will come to assist you in the nick of time.  Though you lack the needed funds to complete the construction, you will finish constructing the building in grand style.

Guruji undertakes to provide you the plan copy with precise measurements, front, overhead and three dimensional (3 D) views at marginally extra cost. The people, who experienced the positive benefits of Saralvaastu consultancy over the years, now want to retain the services of C. G.PARIVAR for all their new construction requirements from start to the finished product.  The C. G. PARIVAR construction group is entering into a new era by being available to serve you piecemeal at every stage of your construction activity by undertaking to plan, build, interior design, landscape and deliver hi-quality realty projects within a stipulated time frame of seven to one hundred and eighty days, subject to project specifications.  We undertake to complete the project from start to finish to your utmost satisfaction in eight months.  Those who have the privilege of living in one of the C. G. Parivar’s Saralvaastu compliant apartments will feel the difference in all aspects immediately after moving in, and experience enhanced health, wealth and prosperity within one year.

You may also avail all these Saralvaastu services for your existing establishments which will be undertaken without any breaking, dismantling, demolition or structural tampering.  Building your own dream house is one of the greatest achievements of your life.  You don’t have option of trial and error.  If you fail to plan, you plan to fail .