compass-290-150x150“SARAL VAASTU” is the art of living in harmony with your environment. It’s a purely scientific method derived from our very own ancient culture and scriptures, of dealing with the energy present all around us—of maximizing the positive and minimizing the negative energy in your home or your work place.

Ever wondered why certain places make you feel calmer, while the others make you feel extremely restless? Why is it, that you experience utter peace and tranquility in a place of worship? How is it possible that only at a certain place in your house do you feel extremely comfortable and relaxed?

Well all this, is a play of energy. Energy is all around us. But according to our ancient scriptures and culture, it the lack of channelising this energy in a effective way, that leads to all kinds of problems and troubles in one’s life. Saral Vaastu is the science that helps an individual understand the play of this energy in his house or work place, and manipulate it in his favour based on his birth chart and the place’s directions.

Dr. Sri Chandrashekhar Guruji was born on 8th August 1963 in Bagalkot, north Karnataka, India.  He was the fourth child born into the prestigious Angadi family.  The members of the Angadi family were renowned for their expertise in general trading and commercial activities.  Besides this, they were also socially conscious citizens who were benefactors to various worthy charitable causes.  Even during his early years as a student in the 9th grade,

Guruji was asking questions about the worth and value of a human life.  He recalls thinking distinct questions like: “Who cares for a human life?”    He felt that his life is meant to serve a higher cause.  He always strove to ensure the wellbeing of all the people who were around him.  The profound answer that occurred even to his tender mind was very clear, as it was singular.  He concluded that the ultimate solution is to serve the motherland by sacrificing one’s life.  He felt that there could be no cause that was higher or greater than this in the world.

A first step to volunteer for the defence services to serve his country and fellow countrymen ended in disappointment.  His candidature was rejected on the grounds that his bodyweight was a little less than the required average.  A wise man once observed: ‘Diamonds cannot be polished without friction.  Gold cannot be purified without fire.  Good people go through trials.  With that experience, their life becomes better, not bitter.’